top of page is an online safety training company offering real-world training that is intended to change behavior, increase awareness and elevate safety education in all aspects of the school environment. Cultivated to be relevant and captivating, this one-of-a-kind online safety program was created by safety experts, educators and risk managers to equip you with the actionable knowledge to keep your schools safe.


We are HONORED to Announce Our New Partnership with
the Tennessee Education Association!

Learn more about our First-of-its-Kind Online School Safety Training Series Featuring:

  • A Day in the Life of a School Tragedy

  • Active Shooter Training

  • Bleeding Control Training

  • Mental Health Training

  • And More…

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Proud To Be Partnering With The TSBA


We have partnered with Tennessee School Boards Association to deliver the first-of-its-kind safety training to school board members across the state. The learning modules encompass a superintendent giving an actual account of an active shooter event, active shooter training and bleeding control lessons by a trained law enforcement SWAT officer, and mental health awareness by leading education psychologists, and workplace injury prevention by lifelong school safety experts.


Now Approved for: 

  • TSBA School Board Academy Credit

  • TASL – Tennessee Academy for School Leaders

  • EILA – KY DOE Effective Instructional Act

"This training series exceeded my expectations! It is real-world, compelling and will leave you with a lingering awareness of what our schools face each day.   Without a doubt, I believe every School Board Member and Educator should take advantage of this training."

Tammy Grissom, Ed. D.

Executive Director

Tennessee School Boards Association

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The Safety of Students and Educators is our ONLY priority.

Together, we're facing a challenge that can seem daunting. Currently, our public schools are facing a myriad of threats to the stability and the safety of the learning environment for our children, our educators, and the staff who make the schools run smoothly. We've risen to help address the threats and have you prepared.