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Since our founding in 2004,

we have taken more than 150,000

school personnel through our safety training.


We established to provide engaging and effective training content that can prepare our schools staff for the everyday accidents and the unthinkable tragedies. Our founders have dedicated their careers to risk management and their lives to improving the safety of our schools. They have seen so much needless cost, pain and loss that could have been avoided had the right measure of precaution and awareness been instilled in our schools personnel. Our goal is to create a true culture of safety in our schools. We will do this by changing behavior in our valued school workers to be ready for the unexpected threats to their schools and classrooms, to be aware of their surroundings, and to prevent injuries to themselves. 

Since our founding in 2004, we have taken more than 150,000 school personnel through our safety training. We are dedicated to providing safe and secure environments for educational workers, support staff and the students they serve every day. Our training is easy to implement and affordable to integrate into your existing budgets. We've proven that our training actually yields a 10 to 1 return on investment in insurance claims costs.



we're here to keep you safe


President & Founder


David has spent his entire professional life devoted to safety and risk management, a career that spans over two decades. He has a strong belief that a culture of safety is a critical factor in an organization’s effectiveness in carrying out its core mission and his passion lies with each and every school worker, to ensure that they stay safe on the job to carry on the important work they do in educating our future. He founded to reach a broader audience across the country.


VP of Education and Business Development


Susan Morgan Nelson has dedicated nearly three decades of her life to the education of children as a teacher and principal. As our VP of Education & Business Development, she is focused on ensuring our content is aligned with the current demands and safety concerns facing our schools and sharing the program with schools across the country. Susan received her B.A. from Murray State University in Elementary Education, and a Masters in Education, Administration and Supervision.


Director of Technology


A graphically-inclined, creative problem-solver and veteran of over 200 technology projects, Grant oversees the growth of the Learning Management System and advocates strongly on behalf of school division and risk pool clients across the platform to ensure its effectiveness in usability and performance.


Director of Content Strategy & Marketing


Matt Moynihan has been creating compelling marketing communications and message development for more than 20 years. His role with Safety In Schools is to help us build the Safety In Schools brand, craft our message well and make sure our content is delivered effectively to our audiences. He received his Bachelors degree in Communication from Vanderbilt University.


Director of Videography


Kris oversees all of our video production, which he has done since 2014. With more than 20 years of experience, Kris D’Amico has been creating telling stories through still and motion imagery.




Steve has been a professional visual storyteller most of his life, dating back to the years he was a sports anchor for a local television station in Roanoke, VA. Now, he works with Safety In Schools to create our training content as the man behind the camera, orchestrating all the ways that make compelling content for our education-worker audience.

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