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From the everyday injury to the unthinkable tragedy

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The Safety of Students and Educators is our ONLY priority.

Together, we're facing a challenge that can seem daunting. Currently, our public schools are facing a myriad of threats to the stability and the safety of the learning environment for our children, our educators, and the staff who make the schools run smoothly. We've risen to help address the threats and have you prepared.


Engaging Online

Safety Training

covering the topics that

matter most to you

  • Active Shooter Readiness

  • Bleeding Control

  • Mental Health & Behavioral Warning Signs

  • Bullying Prevention & Management

  • Personal Injury Prevention such as: Same-level slips, trips, falls, falls from heights, sprains, strains, and exertions.

  • Job-Specific Training For Each Role: Administration, Instructional,  Maintenance, Custodial, School Nutrition, and Transportation.

Compelling Content

That Impacts Culture

We have developed a state-of-the-art, interactive Learning Management System, which allows us to entirely customize your school system's organization, down to school and department.

The training content we provide is focused on:

  • Active Shooter Readiness

  • Bleeding Control

  • Mental Health and Behavioral Warning Signs

  • Bullying Prevention and Management

  • Personal injury Prevention such as: Same-Level Slips, Trips, and Falls, Falls from Heights, and Strains, Sprains, and Exertions

  • Job-specific workplace training for each role: Administration, Instructional, Maintenance, Custodial, School Nutrition and Transportation. 

Because workplace settings and potential hazards are unique to each type of worker, we understand the importance of delivering content specialized for each group, and that has made all the difference in reaching them.

Our training is unique because we use dramatic, real-world scenarios to impact behavior from within, not just an instructor sharing information that only affects knowledge. Knowledge that changes behavior produces action and results. And that is our goal.   

Proud To Be Partnering With The TSBA on

We have partnered with the Tennessee School Boards Association to deliver online safety training to school local board members across the state. The learning modules encompass behavioral health, active shooter training, bleeding control, and workplace injury prevention. 



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