With us, educators are empowered to prevent injury to themselves and the students in their care by being equipped with the knowledge needed to prevent injury and loss.


We have developed a state-of-the-art, interactive Learning Management System, which allows us to entirely customize your school system's organization, down to school and department.

The training content we provide is focused on:

  • Active Shooter Readiness

  • Bleeding Control

  • Mental Health and Behavioral Warning Signs

  • Bullying Prevention and Management

  • Personal injury Prevention such as: Same-Level Slips, Trips, and Falls, Falls from Heights, and Strains, Sprains, and Exertions

  • Job-specific workplace training for each role: Administration, Instructional, Maintenance, Custodial, School Nutrition and Transportation. 

Because workplace settings and potential hazards are unique to each type of worker, we understand the importance of delivering content specialized for each group, and that has made all the difference in reaching them.

Our training is unique because we use dramatic, real-world scenarios to impact behavior from within, not just an instructor sharing information that only affects knowledge.


Knowledge that changes behavior produces

action and results. And that is our goal.   


Our teachers make up about 50% of all injuries in our educational environments, yet keeping them in the classroom is vitally important. Our teacher safety training is designed to help teachers stay focused on not taking unnecessary risks in and around their classrooms. In this training video, we focus on three of the most common injury types and the ways to prevent them: slips and falls, falls from heights and lifting injuries.


Having leadership responsibility for and oversight over our schools, what takes place in those schools is ultimately your responsibility. We have created specific training for you to understand the totality of where your risk lies in the schools and keeping your students, your employees, and our schools safe. From the everyday accidental injury to the unthinkable tragedy, you will be equipped to understand the issues, what they’re costing your schools and most importantly, how to prevent them. 


Our custodial staff play an integral role in keeping our schools clean, operational, and safe. Our custodian safety training is designed to help custodians remain free from the hazards that can come with an often strenuous role. In this training video, we focus on overall prevention of injury in the custodial role, but we also take a dramatic look at three scenes we see happen too often: a lifting injury, a chemical splash, and a rushed waxing job.


Whether your maintenance staff is a shared service with the central office or directly employed by the school, they are constantly in harm's way and if they're not focused, it can result in serious injury. In this video, we take a look at overall injury awareness and prevention, but also experience some dramatic re-enactments of three real-world tragedies: a fall from a ladder, a lifting injury and a tragic lock-out/tag-out mistake.


Perhaps no other school staff have as many hazards to negotiate as our school nutrition staff do. Piping hot ovens, razor-sharp knives and greasy, slippery floors demand that our school nutrition personnel be mindful of their surroundings, while also serving our students with care. In this video, we take a dramatic look at three common injuries: a distracted cut to the skin, a rushed burn injury at the oven and a slip and fall from behind a serving line during a busy lunch.


Our bus drivers carry our precious cargo to and from school every day, and unlike every other school staff department, their workplace is behind the wheel where we all know what tragedies could occur. In this training video, we take a look at hazards in the work-lives of our transportation staff as well as a deeper analysis of a rushed decision resulting in a fall, an emergency evacuation drill that goes wrong, and an injury during a pre-trip inspection.

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